Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Lives

I find it amusing how little ones come and cherish the lives of others surrounding him. I think its a great blessing from Allah SWT to all of us. Sure they make you laugh your heart out, but sometimes they can be a little bit annoying. Be thankful cause that my little fella, the beauty of little lives.

Its been too long, I guess that we're expecting a newcomer to the family. And when my cousin giving birth to him, it felt like u're on cloud 9. Just hanging there, no strings attached, up and down. His name is Mohamad Faeeq Zihni. Born on 28 Feb ( yup, lucky him cause if not man u'll be celebrating ur buffday once in 4 year ). My big family has this kind of habit that we scramble the words, creating a new pronounciation to the word. We called him Cimol as in Comel.

Last Sunday, they went back to Bintulu. Well you can say that the weather all windy, raining sums up all of our feelings. Okay, little lives u sure give a massive impact on us. Yep, the next day, we're all posting our hearts out at fb demanding new updates aka pics.

I can say he's such an adorable little boy ...... Subhanallah...

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